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Founder and President of Frontier International

Frontier International was founded to bring Health To Nations And Mankind through Net Working. This statement reflects the vision and mission of its founder, Dr. S J. Jong, a lady with great passion for the health of society.

Dr. Jong obtained her MBBS(Bachelor of Medicine ,Bachelor of Surgery)from University of Glasgow as well as her PhD in the field of Biomedical Science majoring in Food Technology and PhD in the field of Neuroscience & Biochemistry.

Dr. Jong's caring and sharing philosophy is motivated by her belief that healthcare must be made available to all strata of society. In her own words and wisdom, "frontiers of science must not only be conquered but must be shared for the benefit of mankind".

The products of Frontier,  as shown in this manual  are the results of Dr. Jong's painstaking and long term research carried out in conjunction with her group of fellow researchers and scientists round the world. Some of the more significant research in cancer, HIV/Aids, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s diseases, Genetic Biotechnology(DNA), stem cell and nanotechnology are carried out under Rigil International Switzerland of which Dr. Jong is the head of research and honorable scientist. All the research works by the Rigil Group are backed by the European Union.

Dr.Jong’s work and contribution in those fields has been published in major medical journals such as The New England Journal, The Journal of Neuroscience and Biochemistry and The Journal of Swiss Health Science. She is also a much sought after speaker at International medical conventions in countries such as the United States, Canada, Europe, Japan, Hong Kong, Thailang and India.


Symbolizes the unexplored fields of research and studies. Our Vision is to share the latest discoveries especially in the fields of nutritional science and to propagate healthy lifestyle through quality and affordable nutrition as well as educating the public on the importance of preventive medicine.

Frontier International was incepted in September 2004. Our revolutionary products in wellness, anti-aging and personal care, are formulated through the Science of Nanotechnology by our international partners, Rigil International Laser Institute, Switzerland.

Expanding on Nanotechnology ability to characterize an individual's genetic makeup and sensor systems that detect emerging diseases in the body, we strive to shift the focus of patient care from disease treatment to prevention and early detection. That's why ongoing research and development is an integral and ongoing aspect of our business.

" We believe that effective and less expensive health care must be available to all levels of society. "

The Products

All Frontier Products are being processed and manufactured by Nanotechnology  the state- of-art technology is an elegant process of minimizing the sizes and potency of modules and biochemical of the various raw material WITHOUT destroying their original formation.

It enables the various raw ingredients for better and efficient human absorption.

HyperPure Technology is a sophisticated process of highly selective elimination of undesirable contaminants such as Allergens, Lipid Peroxides Pesticides, Dioxins, PAH and PCB is being adopted in the manufacturing process.

PolyShield Technology is an effective, avant-grade technology is being adopted  in the manufacturing process to protect the native substances of our products to avoid the degradation of thermo labile  components which are sensitive against oxidation, polymerization and hydrolysis.

  • To include write up on the bonding of transporters in all our products to enhance instance assimilation by the body cells.
  • To project the premier status of Frontier products...etc

The Business Plan

  • To show the simplified presentation in 4 pages
  • The detail write up on the compensation plan for reference is to be enclosed.

The various Combination Packages ( ComPo packs )of product for  Business builder to choose from as illustrated in diagram.

Introduction to all the products that are available for sale at Frontiers as per product catalogue.

Attach the Healing Crisis scenarios  that may be encountered by certain product users at the beginning.

The 1Malaysia price list.

Rules & Regulations for Distributors.

The Membership Application Form.