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Ushering the Golden Rabbit Lunar New Year
with Lion Dances

CNY OPEN HOUSE, 15th Feb 2011 -



JK welcomes all those who patronize the event and wish them Gong Xi Fa Cai & Good wealth and A Happy New Year to all.

" According to many astrologers the year of the Golden Rabbit Chinese Lunar Year

is one of the best enterprising years for the food and health industries and Frontier International comes under this category. Actually Frontier International over the last couple of months has been undergoing a lot of reorganizing of our priorities to capitalize on the Vision and Mission of our beloved Founder, Dr Jong, who is the most beautiful, brilliant and passionate President of our company. From her painstaking and extensive research and formulation on our revolutionary products meant solely for distribution through our Frontier network we possess the cutting edge against our peers.

The revised marketing plan implemented January this year will prove our critic wrong be it from our foes or rivals in casting doubts on the uncertainty of Frontier.  You will realize we have one of the most versatile and viable plan as commented by many including our competent system programmer who is very proficient in Binary plan. 

With everything in place we have to nurture and to cultivate our unique Culture to be respected and upheld by all strata of the society. That would be the fulfillment of our collective Vision and Mission with loyalty and dignity in our endeavor to bring health affordable to all mankind across the globe.  We have commenced serious discussion with credible business partners from neighboring countries to embark on our International markets befitting our mission to go international. We are going to establish a Frontier Stockiest in Singapore latest by end of next month to tap the market there and at the same time for the convenient of our Singapore members to purchase their products. We are targeting to finalize with at least another two (2) International entities before end of the year.  Since Frontier International is hitting the International World Map taking off from KL as our Home Office we invite your active participation to join hand with us to spearhead your International sponsoring to broaden your organization chart. Every member should take pride of the latest rapid development of Frontier International and we urge you all to take an active part in this historical progress and not to be left behind.


The fundamental principles of Frontier Culture are harness undisputed loyalty and the sense of belonging in Frontier International for a lasting relationship.  We need your active participation and contribution to support this campaign where I will the chief engineer with Dr Jong at the helm to make New Frontier a reality soon”.

“ The highlight of the event was the presentation on Detoxification of the human body by products with intrinsic values by the most beautiful, learned and brilliant founder of Frontier  none other than Dr Jong who captured the attention of the audience”.

The event came to a close at about 10pm and we saw the rush to jam up the sale counter for the purchase of the detoxification products which lasted for more than an hour.

It was a spectacular and successful event where members were asking for more events similar to it to boost up their morale and as the same time to enable them to invite new prospects to join Frontier.

JK Yang, GM of Frontier International (M) Sdn. Bhd.